Ir. A.D.C. Arno Pronk, researcher and architect, is working as an assistant professor at the Building Technology faculty of Eindhoven University of Technology. On this site you'll find everything about his projects, studies and work.

Arno Pronk (1967) graduated as an architect at the University of Technology, Delft. During his employment at the offices of Dirrix van Wylick and Marlies Rohmer he has worked mainly in housing, including the design for one- and multifamily dwellings in Vijfhuizen by Architectural Office Marlies Rohmer.

Working as an independent architect, he realized some buildings including some offices and a garage. These buildings are characterized by an innovative use of materials and systems. The garage in Delft contains four hyper shells of 8 by 8 meters made of profiled steel. In an office for BuroA + in Kelpen several new materials and techniques, including the first application of the infra + floor developed in collaboration with Jos Lichtenberg, have been applied. (patent 1996)
Since 2002, Arno Pronk has been working at Eindhoven University of Technology, where he teaches and does research into creating and designing curved surfaces using (inflatable) moulds. The Blob pavilion of Jurgen Bey is the first building created with the so called BLOWING STRUCTURE METHOD by Arno Pronk. (patent 2006)