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TU/e site info ir. A.D.C.Pronk (dutch)

Promotion Research

The Blob Pavilion & (dutch)

TU/e Donut (Buitink Technology) (dutch)

Architectenweb (dutch)


STRUCTURAL MEMBRANES 2009: Conference on “Textile Composites and Inflatable Structures” - Sessions

The International Society of Fabric Forming (ISOFF)



BouwIQ Maart 2010 (dutch)

Bouwwereld #15 2009 (dutch)

Text Publication in Book 'Textiles in Architecture Interiors and Design (Membrane Projects)' by Rene Motro

Text Publication in Book 'Textiles in Architecture Interiors and Design (Membrane Solar Protection)' by Rene Motro

Trouw April 2009 (dutch)

Eindhovens Dagblad 18-11-2008 (dutch)

Brabants Dagblad 08-07-2008 (dutch)

Eindhovens Dagblad 10-06-2008 (dutch)

Stedenbouw & Architectuur "Daken" Mei 2008 (dutch)

Stedenbouw & Architectuur "Parkeren" April 2008 (dutch)

De Architect - 39 - Feb 2008 (dutch)

NRC Dagblad 19-06-2006 (dutch)

Top Mit Dem Blob - Decoration 2006 (deutsch)

Cement 2006: Spuitbeton op voorgespannen membranen (dutch)

Stedenbouw & Architectuur "Daken" April 2006 (dutch)

Frame 2006 - nr 52 (dutch)

Cobouw 24-10-2001 (dutch)

Chepos 006 Adaptables (dutch)

Cursor 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 (dutch)



Adaptables 2006: TU/e Congress about adaptive structures.


Klokhuis: Dutch Educational Program. (dutch)


Making the BLOB Pavilion: project with Jurgen Bey


Barbapapa: TV cartoon making blobhouses! (Like the Blowing Structure Method) (french)