Top 10 construction companies in Europe

Construction Digital takes a look at 10 of the leading companies in Europe’s construction industry including BAM, Balfour Beatty, Vinci and more

Incredibly important to the European Union’s (EU) economy, the sector provides 18 million direct jobs and contributes to 9% of the EU’s GDP. Current challenges facing the industry include demand stimulation, training, innovation, energy efficiency, and climate change. 

Royal BAM Group

Royal BAM Group logo

Market value: US$657.3m

Website: Royal BAM Group

Founded in 1869, Royal BAM Group - for more than 150 years - designs, builds, and maintains high-quality and sustainable buildings, homes and infrastructure both for the public and private sectors. 

Using the latest innovations in the industry, the company is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of the built environment, while delivering increased well-being and social value to the communities it serves.

Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty logo

Market value: UA$2.5bn

Website: Balfour Beatty

Founded in 1909, Balfour Beatty is a leading international infrastructure group committed to financing, developing, building, and maintaining innovative and efficient infrastructure. 

Operating across the entire lifecycle of infrastructure, Balfour Beatty combines its world-class investment capabilities with its leading construction and support services to deliver large-scale and complex projects worldwide. The company’s core operating geographies include the UK, the US, and Hong Kong. 


Strabag logo

Market value: US$4.3bn

Website: Strabag 

Providing tailored solutions for complex requirements, Stragbag - founded in 1835 - is an expert in large international construction projects. The company’s projects under its subsidiaries include transportation infrastructure, building construction, and civil engineering. 

“Experience, competence, quality, innovation, sustainability – these are the keys to the success of STRABAG International for the realisation of large international construction projects” - Stragbag.


Skanska logo

Market value: US$6.4bn

Website: Skanska 

Founded in 1887, Skanska has more than 135 years of knowledge and foresight to help share the way people live, work, and connect. Being one of the world’s largest development and construction companies, Skanska operates across select Nordic, European and American markets. 

The company creates innovative and sustainable solutions that support healthy living beyond only our lifetime. 


Hochtief logo

Market value: US$6.9bn

Website: Hochtief 

Founded in 1875, Hochtief is an engineering-led global infrastructure group. The company has developed a leading position - over the last 148 years - in construction, services, and concessions/public-private partnerships (PPP). Its core locations include Australia, North America, and Europe.

Developing innovative solutions worldwide, Hochief has three divisions in its core operating companies and holds a 20% stake in the world’s leading international toll road operator - Abertis. 


Acciona logo

Market value: US$8.5bn

Website: Accoina

A leading residential property development and management company in Span, Acciona over the last 30 years has developed more than 13,000 homes in Spain, Portugal, Poland and Mexico. 

Developing on its strong technical and professional expertise, the company ensures sustainability is at its core to further the environmental conservation and reduce costs for owners.

ACS Group

ACS Group

Market value: US$9.9bn 

Website: ACS Group

Dating back to 1968, ACS Group is a worldwide construction, concessions, and services group committed to the social and economic progress of the countries it operates in. 

Operating in an increasingly complex and competitive environment, the Group is adaptable to the challenges and opportunities that arise in a highly dynamic global sector. As part of its strategy, ACS Group has diversified its business model when it comes to geography and business activity to pursue global leadership, optimising the profitability of the resources employed and promoting sustainable development.



Eiffage logo

Market value: US$10.5bn

Website: Eiffage

Employing 73,000 people in constriction, property development, urban development, civil engineering, metallic, construction, roads, energy systems, and concessions, Eiffage is one of Europe’s leading companies in these fields. 

With the rise of sustainable development and climate change, Eiffage is committed to developing sustainable and resilient cities and infrastructure with a low-carbon construction strategy.

Bouygues Construction

Bouygues Construction logo

Market value: US$13.4bn

Website: Bouygues Construction

An international leader in construction and services, Bouygues Construction aims to be an international name present in every area of the construction value chain. Bouygues Construction designs, builds, and rehabilitates the infrastructure and buildings that are essential for a sustainable society. 

Globally the company supports the development of low-carbon energy production and public transport infrastructures, as well as provides its expertise in the design, construction and renovation of buildings and neighbourhoods essential to life/ 


Vinci logo

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